3 Signs Your Child Is Ready For Preschool

is my child ready for preschoolResearch projects that teacher employment will grow 10% between 2016 and 2026 thanks to the increased demand for early childhood education. In other words, there are more options for schools and teachers than ever.

While knowing how to choose the right preschool can be a challenge for many parents, so can answering the question, “Is my child ready for preschool?” Every family and every child is different; in this situation, you are the best person to judge when your child might be ready to attend the local preschool program of your choosing. Still, many parents worry they’re sending their child to school too early or have waited too long to start. There’s no one right answer here, but the following three signs can give you a good indication as to whether it’s time to explore your options for a high quality education.

  1. She’s potty-trained
    This first point isn’t so much a personal judgment call as it is a requirement — at least for some of the schools on your list. If you’ve been asking, “is my child ready for preschool?” but she isn’t yet potty-trained, you may want to keep her home for a little while yet. While it’s not a requirement for every preschool, many do require students to at least be on the journey of potty training. Although being fully potty-trained doesn’t necessarily mean that your child is academically or socially ready for preschool, it can be a decent indicator that your child is ready to master other skills.
  2. She seems bored at home
    When children are yearning for more social interaction or academic challenges, they may start to act out at home. It may seem like a behavioral problem, but in some cases, it’s a sign that your child needs the new activities your preschool program can provide. Ultimately, their newly mischievous demeanor may indicate that grade school readiness is on the horizon. After all, you can’t be expected to provide all the stimulation that preschool can. When your child is clearly craving something more, it may be the right time to get her enrolled.
  3. She’s a fast learner and wants to know more
    Have you noticed your child has become more independent, communicates clearly with you, and catches on more quickly to concepts you teach her? These signs may mean she’s ready to take on all the challenges that come with preschool and that she’s hungry for even more knowledge. Having a strong memory recall and stronger communication skills, along with being able to master new skills, quickly says that your child will likely thrive in preschool.

Being able to openly communicate and grasp new skills has no definitive time table. That’s why so many parents worry about the “is my child ready for preschool?” conundrum. In the end, you’re in the best position to determine whether your child is ready to embrace this new environment. However, if you’re feeling stuck or you’re letting your own attachment to your child cloud your judgment, look for these three signs and see whether they might sound familiar to you. If they do, you may want to start your search earlier than planned.