Learning Through Play: How Your Child’s Favorite Activity Is Helping Them Grow

academic preschool programsYoung children are like sponges — they soak up information. This is why it’s important to enroll them in academic preschool programs so they can obtain a quality education from a young age.

Considering the fact that children learn with all their senses, playing is one of the best ways a child can learn new things and have different experiences. Providing your child with a variety of playthings while also enrolling them in academic preschool programs that encourage play can bring them many benefits. So how exactly does your child learn by playing?

Develop their physical skills
Children work on both their fine and gross motor skills while playing without even realizing it! Gross motor skills are developed when a child learns to reach, grasp, crawl, run, balance, and throw. Fine motor skills are worked on when a child handles a small object, such as using scissors or crayons.

Develops their cognitive abilities
Simply put, children learn to solve problems when they play. They also learn how to count, to recognize colors, identify shapes, and even learn to read. Not only does play positively impact their memory, it also helps them enhance their attention span. In addition, a stimulating play environment will also develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Develops their language
Play is one of the easiest ways to help develop your child’s language. Playing with their peers will teach them how to construct simple sentences, improve their vocabulary, and enhance their hearing and listening skills. Anything involving language such as reading a story or having a sing-along will do wonders in developing their speech.

Hones in on their social skills
Not only will play introduce your child to others, it will help them figure out how to negotiate, cooperate with their peers, take turns, and be gentle with others. These skills will only grow as the child gets older, and are especially beneficial for their grade school readiness.

A full three-fourths of young children in the U.S. are enrolled in academic preschool activities. If you are looking for a high quality education, a team of experienced teachers, and a place for your child to grow, consider speaking to a member of our staff at Learn and Grow Academy today.