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Preschool Edgewater, New Jersey

Why Preschool Matters for Children in the Edgewater, New Jersey Area

Between 1993 and 2012, the percentage of three- to six-year-old children able to demonstrate early literacy and cognitive skills improved: the percentage of children able to recognize all the letters in the alphabet increased from 21% to 38%; the percentage of those able to count to 20 or higher rose from 52% to 68%; and those able to write their own names increased from 50% to 58%. (Source)

Child learning specialists agree that preschool can give your child a head-start on their educational journey. While many preschools choose to avoid the traditional sit-down and teach method that many children encounter in elementary school, they are nonetheless exposing children to new knowledge that they will absorb and retain. Preschool features a large level of exploration for young children, something that allows them to learn more about their interests and the world around them. Activities such as storytelling and singing nursery rhymes helps build language and pre-reading skills, all the while keeping a child interested and intrigued. For younger children, participating in an academic preschool curriculum throughout the year can help them prepare for the rigors of grade school.

How do I choose the right preschool in Edgewater?

When searching for a good preschool, not everything needs to be a big undertaking. Sometimes, it can be as simple as joining a parent group or seeking advice from people who have children who are actively enrolled. Reading online reviews can also be helpful. You can read our school reviews here and here.

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