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Learn and Grow Academy: The Alternative to Traditional Daycare Fort Lee NJ Families Want

When it comes time to seek out a childcare arrangement for their young ones, many families assume that daycare is their only option. For some, daycare may be the right choice. However, the reality is that preschool provides certain benefits that daycare cannot. In both scenarios, children will be supervised by caring adults who have their best interests at heart. Unlike the options for daycare Fort Lee NJ families have to choose from, our preschool provides so much more.


Not only will you find a safe, healthy, and happy environment for children at Learn and Grow Academy, but your child will also develop their mental and emotional skill set — allowing them to be better prepared for grade school and to become more interested in learning as a lifelong endeavor. Our curriculum and philosophy support the development of every child in areas like literature, math, science, history, technology, and the arts. We also know that every child learns differently, allowing us to employ a variety of different teaching strategies to ensure each child has the ability to retain and use the knowledge they glean from our classrooms in their own, unique way.


Our safe, secure, and welcoming environment allows our students to grow physically, emotionally, and psychologically throughout their time in the classroom. Not only will their social skills and self-esteem blossom, but their love of learning will, too.


We truly believe that when parents choose between the options for preschool and daycare Fort Lee NJ has to offer, the decision will be clear. Preschool provides children with a host of advantages that are simply unparallelled. We’re proud to say that Learn and Grow Academy is among the best preschools in the area, receiving rave reviews from parents year after year.


We’d love to show you why our school is so special and how your child will thrive here. To find out more about our program or to schedule a tour of our facility, please get in touch with us today.