a safe and special place where your child will learn and grow

Feedback from Parents

“Befitting of the school’s name, the past two years for Chloe have been a learning and growing experience, where she has gained a solid academic and social foundation. Starting as a shy, insecure and dependent three and a half year old, we have watched her blossom into a happy and confidant little girl. The tearful drop offs in the beginning were heartbreaking, but those difficult mornings soon transformed into mornings where she would happily walk into school without even a glance back. Especially as a working mom, knowing that she was loved and well taken care of provided such a huge peace of mind.

Ms. Patty and Ms. Nina, thank you for opening up Chloe’s mind to science, math and reading, for having the insight to gently, but firmly lead her to try new things. Ms. Sandy, thank you for always meeting her with a bright smile, for being an anchor and providing that extra nurturing whenever she needed it. And to all the wonderful supporting teachers, thank you for making Chloe’s preschool years a warm and memorable experience.”

Soo and James Yi
Cliffside Park, NJ

“I would like to thank the teachers at Learn & Grow Academy. They have done a terrific job with my children. I could not be happier with the school. The teachers are so caring and have given my children such knowledge to go forward in life. It has been a great experience. I would recommend this school to everyone.”

Laura Bartolomeo
Englewood Cliffs, NJ

” Almost two years ago, we introduced David to your school with trepidation. We can only imagine how he’s tested your patience since, but we are extremely thankful to all of you for not giving up on him and working through his outbursts and misbehavior to create a positive environment, built on structure, attention, and affection. Academically, he surpassed our expectations. He’s come along so far in such a short time. Through your guidance, he’s not only learned how to read level 2 books, but he’s developed a love for science and math as well as proudly showing off his new found knowledge and counting to 100. And it’s not just the academics. David has developed life and social skills which will be important as he moves on to kindergarten and beyond. He’s learned that his actions beget consequences and that there’s a world around him which he needs to respect. And despite all the hard work, or perhaps because of it, David has enjoyed attending your school. Whenever the school was closed because of breaks or inclement weather, the disappointment was evident when David would respond “oh no!” Through the two years, he’s never said that he didn’t want to go to school. There really aren’t any words we can use to truly express our gratitude for everything you’ve done for David. For a parent, we want what is best for our children and we know that Learn & Grow Academy fit that description. We recognize and appreciate all the hard work you all do and for all that you’ve accomplished with him. We are eternally grateful and say “thank you!” We hope he never forgets those who have taught him science, reading, counting and respecting others. We can only hope that his future teachers are as wonderful as you all are! “

Nataliya& Seth Meyer
Leonia, NJ

” As my daughter Regan “graduates” this year from Learn & Grow Academy and enters kindergarten, I wanted to take the time to recognize the staff members who have been exemplary in their efforts to provide a nurturing and superior learning environment for my child throughout the school years that she has attended the Academy. I cannot say enough how much my family and I appreciate what a wonderful and comprehensive program the Academy provides, and how sad I am to have my daughter leave the school and teachers she has come to love. We have been grateful to have known such teachers and staff who have really set the bar so high and provided my daughter with a positive experience. The staff will always have a special place in mine and Regan’s hearts. “

Nicole Pagnozzi
Leonia, NJ

” I can’t begin to thank you for what you’ve done for Grace. You know she has loved every day she’s been with you! You taught her to read, you taught her to write – how on earth can I thank you enough for that? I’m sure she’ll do well in school but I know that she will never be as cared for and as loved by any other teachers. You two are really special and have created a remarkable school! I only wish you went up to 8th grade! Love to you both. “

Jennifer Osmanski
Leonia, NJ

” For the past two years, my son attended Learn & Grow Academy. The staff there provided an amazing learning experience. He has also established friendships that I hope we’ll have for years. I would like to thank everyone at Learn & Grow for having him look forward to each day at school and for keeping me informed on his progress and helping both of us be prepared for the school years to come. “

Rose Ramundo

Cliffside Park, NJ

” I am a work-from-home mom, so I can keep my 3 and ½ year old son at home with me but both he and I benefit from him attending Learn & Grow Academy. They teach my son things I never knew he needed to know or would even know how to teach, such as phonics. This skill is of the utmost importance for learning to read. I thought I had it covered with letter recognition and flashcards. They reinforce and expand on things he has learned at home such as mealtime manners and bathroom etiquette. He also gets positive, monitored social interaction with his peers, which is extremely important for an only child. His vocabulary and conversational skills have improved since he has been attending the Academy. The Academy prides itself on their small class size and their NJ certified teachers. As a parent, I notice they are able to provide me with specific feedback about my child and offer helpful suggestions that I can do at home with my son to better prepare him for kindergarten. Also any concerns I have had about my son, the teachers have listened to me, observed him at school and offered me a professional unbiased evaluation of the issue. I am very pleased with the amenities at the school. They offer breakfast, snack and lunch and offer pre-care and after-care. All of these can be added on an as needed basis, which is very helpful to a working mother. I can’t say enough good things about the Academy but what I can say is that every day when my son wakes up, he is excited to go to school! “

Amy Dickson
Edgewater, NJ

With much gratitude,
Antonio & Noemi Alvarez
South Hackensack, NJ

“Having three children, we have experienced several preschool establishments. By far, Learn & Grow Academy has stood out as one of the elite preschools in our area. In the two years my daughter has attended the Academy, we have witnessed the quality care and security that the school offers, especially having a child with food allergies. The Academy’s focus on education has gone beyond our expectations and formed a solid foundation for my daughter’s elementary school years. Our only regret is that our first two children did not have the opportunity to attend Learn & Grow Academy.”

Keyla Vazquez
Leonia, NJ

“Learn & Grow Academy has given my daughter so many things to cherish. She has been able to experience growth in many areas, not only in academics but being disciplined and also having fun with her friends. Nina, Patty and all the dedicated teachers at Learn & Grow Academy have passionately guided Alyssa to be perfectly ready for kindergarten and grade school. I recommend this school to all parents and especially to those with high expectations.”

Sara Yoo
Bogota, NJ

“Our daughter Romy has always been glued to our hip. We have been amazed not only at how eager Romy is to go to school but in her development as well. She has learned so much in such a short amount of time and she has been telling us all day about happy experiences with Ms. Patty, Ms. Nina, Ms. Lucy, and Ms. Sandy.”

Sharon & Patrick Nash
West New York, NJ

“Being the parents of twin boys in a bi-lingual household, our children really needed to learn and grow when we enrolled them at 3 years old. At the Academy we found by far, the most understanding, caring and supportive group of people we could have ever asked for. My wife and I both work full time and knowing our children are in the hands of such caring and skilled professionals has made all the difference in our family’s lives.”

Tim & Sandra Pantello
Hillsdale, NJ

“Learn & Grow Academy is more than just an early childhood school. As a working mom and the parent of a child with Type 1 Diabetes, I have peace of mind knowing that my child is so happy and safe at Learn and Grow Academy. Through the school’s holistic approach, I have noticed an exceptional development in my child-intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Each caregiver’s enthusiasm to teach has increased my child’s desire to learn. All I can say is thank you so much for taking such great care of one of my most precious things in my world, my son. Learn and Grow Academy is the next best place to home.”

Edernis Garcia,

Elmwood Park, NJ

“Now that the school year is almost over, and my time with Learn & Grow Academy comes to an end, I start to realize how many things I have overlooked. I realize how fortunate, I, as well as the other parents are, to have found a place so warm and genuine. A place where kids don’t want to go home. A place where they are so excited to ge there, they almost forget to kiss their parents goodbye. What a releif to know your child is in good hands. For a mother who is going in 100 different directions, I can truly appreciate that one of my most precious gems, my son, is well taken care of. This is a place where your child’s greeting for the day, and goodbye for the night, is added with an affectionate hug;something you do not see in other schools. And of course I can’t forget to mention the luxury, high tech, valet drop off. Well, I end my note with tears in my eyes and just want to say thank you very much to the staff at Learn & Grow Academy. “

Thanks Again.
Yvonne Oliveri-Leonia, NJ

“Words will never describe the comfort I have felt for the past two years. There was never a morning when I dropped my son off, that I wasn’t 100% sure he was in the safest of places. His academic and emotional growth has exceeded all of my expectations. I will always be grateful in knowing, they held his hand when I let it go. “

With much gratitude,
Thomas Petito, North Bergen, NJ