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Preschool Fort Lee, New Jersey

Why Preschool Matters for Children in the Fort Lee, New Jersey Area

Preschool focuses on preparing a child for grade school and studies have shown that attending a good preschool can help prepare your son or daughter for the life ahead of them as well. Children who attended an academic preschool enter kindergarten with stronger reading and math skills than children who did not. Finding the most suitable choice for your son or daughter is an undertaking and does require time and research.

How do I choose the right preschool in Fort Lee?

Proper research is the key. Locating a school in an area that is convenient for you and the time you wish (half-day, full-day, extended day) is important. Always seek advice from other people who have had similar experiences and check online reviews. You can read our school reviews here and here. Next, make sure the preschools are state-licensed, which ensures the center meets safety requirements and has adequate staffing.

If you are looking for one of the best possible preschools that Fort Lee, NJ has to offer, check out Learn and Grow Academy. We’d look forward to hearing from you and giving you a tour of our preschool. Please call or just click here to email us!

Learn and Grow Academy: The Preschool Fort Lee NJ Parents can Trust

Between 1993 and 2012, the percentage of three- to six-year-old children able to demonstrate early literacy and cognitive skills improved: the percentage of children able to recognize all the letters in the alphabet increased from 21% to 38%; the percentage of those able to count to 20 or higher rose from 52% to 68%; and those able to write their own names increased from 50% to 58%. (Source)

When adults look back at their youth, they probably don’t think about preschool too often. But without attending a quality preschool, their entire educational, personal, and professional careers could have taken drastically different paths. Preschool helps shape an individual’s ability to learn and can offer all kinds of skills that will stick with someone for their entire life.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of preschools out there that simply let children run wild, with no structure or guidance, which can have a negative impact on how a child perceives learning. That’s why it’s imperative to find a top-of-the-line preschool.

Here are a few specific things parents should look for when searching for a high-quality preschool Fort Lee NJ has to offer:

  • Integrated Curriculum — Preschool curriculum doesn’t — and shouldn’t — have to be complicated, but it does need to be organized. Preschools that have unified lesson plans are much more efficient than their unorganized counterparts. Simply ask the teachers about their curriculum and lesson plans to get an idea.
  • Compassionate teachers — The curriculum is important, but it doesn’t matter how great a lesson plan is if it’s being delivered by an angry, disengaged, and unprofessional teacher. It shouldn’t be too hard to find caring educators, but make sure you’re prioritizing this.
  • Fun — The last place you want to send your kids to is a preschool that is unengaging and boring. Preschool needs to be fun! Make sure the prospective school has plenty of entertaining activities, as well as an emphasis on the most important thing in a child’s life: snack time.

As we celebrate our 12-year anniversary, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure both you and your children are comfortable, safe, and at peace with our level of care. At Learn & Grow Academy, your children will do more than just learn — they will thrive.