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Preschool Ridgefield, New Jersey

Why Preschool Matters for Children in the Ridgefield, New Jersey Area

Did you know that three-fourths of young children in the United States participate in a preschool program (Source). Research supports that attending a high-quality preschool can be beneficial for your child in many ways. For many children, preschool is their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children. It’s an opportunity to learn to share, follow instructions, and begin the foundation for learning that will occur in elementary school. As kindergarten becomes more academic, many parents look to a good preschool to prepare their child with the foundation needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

How do I choose the right preschool in Ridgefield?

Exploration is very important. Select a geographic location that is advantageous for you and the hours that you work. Request information from other parents. Read reviews and surveys. Ours are located here and here. Next, confirm the facilities are state-licensed, which ensures security essentials and staffing requirements are being met.

Key Indicators of Success in a Preschool Ridgefield NJ Parents Trust

When you’re choosing a preschool for your child, it can be tough to know what steps to take. Knowing what type of preschool Ridgefield NJ parents send their children to can help you narrow down the list, but there are a few key things you should look for during your tour of the school.

  • Positive Student-Teacher Interactions – If you get a chance to observe a class in action, pay special mind to student-teacher actions. When a student misbehaves, is the reaction harsh or focused on teaching that child that there’s another way to express themselves?
  • Student Art – Student art projects, writing, and pictures are an excellent indicator that kids feel welcome in their own classroom. It should feel like a space that belongs to the children.
  • Print-Rich Rooms – When we say print-rich, we mean there should be lots of words and writing around the classroom. Books, labels, and signs describing classroom rules and objects are great signs that reading comprehension is a priority.
  • Classroom Cleanliness – A clean classroom is a happy classroom. Look for disinfecting wipes, organized spaces, and first-aid kits. Children can pick up all kinds of germs in public places — their classroom shouldn’t be a danger to their health or safety.

When you pay attention to these key checklist items during your preschool visit, you should be well on your way to selecting the perfect Ridgefield preschool for your child.

In the process of searching for the best preschool Ridgefield, NJ can provide, contact Learn and Grow Academy. We’d love to hear from you and give you a tour of our school. Please call or click here to contact us today.