5 Benefits of Attending Preschool

high quality educationPreschool provides a foundation for the life of your child. Over three-fourths of young children in the United States participate in a preschool program, and finding the right preschool for your child is a task that should be taken with extreme consideration. Here are five reasons why preschool is beneficial to your child.

1. An opportunity for growth
For many children, attending preschool is their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and other children their age. It is an opportunity to socialize, follow instructions, and share, all of which provide a foundation for a high quality education they can expect in kindergarten.

2. Grade school readiness
Most parents are enrolling their child in preschool in order to put them on the path to success in school. Academic preschool programs will offer a child the opportunities of constructed playtime and high quality education. Preschool teachers understand the ways young children grow and learn, and develop activities to help them thrive during the day.

3. It has long term effects
Putting your child in a quality preschool program will shape the outcome of their life. Shockingly, 60% of at-risk children were found to be more likely not to go to college if they didn’t get a quality preschool education, with 25% being more likely to drop out of high school if they didn’t attend preschool.

4. Promotes social and emotional development
In order to learn, it is necessary for a child to feel as if they are cared for in a secure environment with a teacher or caregiver. Developing a bond with a teacher will help a toddler build trusting relationships with adults outside of their family while helping to nurture warm relationships among teachers and parents.

Additionally, children thrive when there is consistency in care between home and school. In high quality preschools, teachers communicate with parents so they can keep a universal teaching style. As a parent, you can expect to receive daily reports on your child’s progress along with regular meetings to discuss values and goals for your child.

5. Children get to make choices
An important skill to learn before entering kindergarten is to learn how to appropriately choose activities that match the child’s interests. This will lead to a child feeling more responsible and confident in their decisions.

Your child can only benefit from attending preschool. Enroll them today!